Landscape Calendar

What to Look Forward to Each Month


Schedule Holiday Lighting Now. Spots Are Limited.
Reset Irrigation Controller to Fall/Winter Settings
Plant Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Groundcover, Pansies, Kale & Cabbage
Plant Spring Perennials
Transplant Trees & Shrubs after First Hard Freeze
Remove Leaves from Turf and Flowerbeds
Continue Mowing until First Frost
Fertilize New Plants, Rye Grass & Fescue
Spray Broadleaf Weeds
Mulch Flowerbeds to Help Retain Warmth
Wrap Faucets, Disconnect Hoses & Sprinklers
Always Water Before a Freeze & Cover Gentle Plants during Freezes


Great Time to Plant B & B Trees
Great Time to Transplant Trees
Always Water Before a Freeze & Cover Gentle Plants during Freezes


Prune Shrubs of Dead Branches
Remove Holiday Lighting
Prepayment Discounts Available for Upcoming Year. Call the Office for More Information.


Cut back Ornamental Grasses
Prune Rose Bushes
Check Evergreens for Bagworm Pouches


Fertilize Turf, Trees, Shrubs, Groundcover & Container Plants
Apply Pre-emergent to Prevent Spring Weeds
Start Lawn Service: First Mow Will Remove Dead Winter Growth & Weeds and Encourage Growth
Schedule Your Irrigation Inspection & Tune-up so System is Ready for Spring & Summer
Plant Cool Season Annuals in Early Month
Plant Sod & Warm Season Annuals in Late Month
Plant Perennials & Groundcover
After Flowering, Prune Spring Shrubs


Increase Lawn Service Frequency to Encourage Grass Growth & Strengthen Root System
Spread Grass Seed if Needed
Plant Sod, Annuals, Perennials, and Blooming Roses
Prune Azaleas, Wisteria, Climbing Roses & Other Spring Flowering Shrubs
Raise Tree Canopies & Thin Out Trees if Turf Needs Sunlight          Exception: Oak Trees
Spray Broadleaf Weeds
Fertilize Turf, Flowerbeds, & Any Plant Prone to Iron Deficiency
Bait & Treat Fire Ants


Plant Impatiens, Begonias, Trees, Shrubs, Summer & Fall Perennials
Best Time to Plant Bermuda, St. Augustine, & Zoysia Sods
Prune Trees to Allow Sunlight to Turf
Spray for Webworms & Bagworms
Spray Broadleaf Weeds & Nutsedge
Treat for Grubworms Now to Avoid Grubworm Damage
Watch for Snakes in Gardens!


Plant Tropical Annuals, Portulaca, Penta & Lantana
No More Heavy Cutting of Trees & Shrubs, Only As Needed
Be Aware of Spider Mites & Chinch Bugs
Reset Irrigation Controller if Needed for Summer Heat
Treat for Grubworms Now to Avoid Grubworm Damage


Prune Dead Rose Blooms if Needed
Adjust Watering for Summer Heat if Needed


Plant Mums & Zinnias
Schedule Mole Treatment


Plant Mums, Lilies, & Daisies
Plant Warm Season Sod Now to Help Establish Roots Before Cold Weather
Lightly Prune Shrubs, Red Tip Photinias, & Evergreens
Apply Pre-emergent to Prevent Fall Weeds
Watch for Aphids, Brown Patch in St. Augustine, & Webworms
Look for Drought Conditions in Turf Grass
Schedule Your Irrigation Inspection & Tune-up so System is Ready for Colder Weather
Treat for Army Worms
Apply Broadcast Preventative Treatment for Fire Ants


Plant Winter Rye
Plant Trees & Shrubs Now to Help Establish Roots Before Growing Season
Apply Fungicide to Brown Patch in St. Augustine
Schedule Christmas Light Installation Now to Avoid the Rush

Information from Grassperson Landscape & Denton County Master Gardener Calendar