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6 Best Flowers to Plant in The Fall in North Texas

Jack Moore
Sep 22, 2022 4:13:00 PM

As summer fades away, you might be wondering how you can brighten your landscape for the autumn season. The slightly cooler fall weather actually makes a great time for planting and there are many flowers to plant in the fall that will give you some beautiful color and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re wondering what flowers to plant in the fall in North Texas, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorites.

What Flowers to Plant in Fall?

Here are three flowers that we love planting during the fall season.

1. Violas

Violas are an excellent choice for the cooler months. These flowers are hardy and generally tolerant of the colder weather. They range in color from light to deep violet and sometimes white.

Purple and White Viola

2. Pansies

This is another resilient flower that is able to withstand the colder weather. Fall is an excellent time to plant pansies. In fact, in our area or Northern Texas, pansies can be planted in the fall and may even bloom all winter and into the spring.


Pansies are actually a viola hybrid (“Viola X wittrockiana” being the official horticultural name of the Pansy). They boast beautiful blooms in an array of colors.

3. Snapdragons

This short-lived perennial is another great choice for your list of flowers to plant in the fall.

Snap dragon

Snapdragons are fragrant flowers available in a variety of colors like orange, purple, white, red, and pink. Tall varieties can be grown to use for floral borders or backdrops with shorter flowers in the front of your bed.

What Plants to Plant in Fall in North Texas?

We’ve separated out the following plants from the list above as they aren’t really flowers, but we do install them along with the flowers.

These plants would also make colorful additions that add appeal to Fall plant beds.

4. Ornamental Kale

Ornamental kale plants come in vibrant shades of red, purple, pink, and white and can make a colorful addition in the Fall. The leaves on ornamental kale tend to grow in a tight rosette shape but can also be ruffled or curly.

CC-Ornamental Kale

Genetically, it is the same as edible kale but it has a bitter taste that makes it best to be used as a landscape plant.

5. Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is another great fall addition. It loves the cool weather and can even survive temperatures that are below freezing.

Ornamental Cabbage

Just like ornamental kale, ornamental cabbage is similar to its edible counterpart but has a very bitter taste. It grows in some outstanding color varieties making it a really attractive addition to your plant beds.

6. Dusty Miller

This easy-to-grow and hardy annual is an addition that we find goes well with everything thanks to its silvery foliage. It is hardy and also helps to keep rabbits away from your flower beds because they don’t like the smell.

Dusty Miller

People love that dusty miller is a very low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require lots of care and upkeep.

When to Plant Flowers in North Texas

In general, the fall is a great time for planting thanks to the ground still being warm but the air beginning to cool. This puts less stress on plants when they are installed.

landscape maintenance team trims shrubs near flowers

Typically, fall flowers are best planted when the heat has not been higher than 80 degrees for about two weeks. Since these fall flowers do prefer the cooler temperatures, you want to make sure you don’t plant them too early.

Instead, they’ll make a great option as your summer annuals begin to fizzle out and your landscape is in need of some refreshing for the new season.

Use the “Grassperson Mix” for a Little Bit of Everything

All six of the plants and flowers that we mentioned above are part of what we like to call the “Grassperson Mix.”

We know that seasonal flowers are really important to homeowners who want their property to continue to look its best no matter what the season. That’s why we have spent a lot of time developing an optimal mix of fall annuals that will work well on most of our clients’ properties.

The six plants above are the “Grassperson Mix.”

Sometimes clients already have an idea of exactly what plants they want installed. They might handpick a couple of the plants that are part of the Grassperson Mix but don’t necessarily want or need all of them.

But when homeowners don’t know what flowers to plant in fall, we do suggest this Mix to get them a nice variety of everything. It provides a great burst of color variety and can really help the landscape to “pop” in the Fall season.

Your Wise Choice for a Fall Plant Installation Project in North Texas

You know that your landscaping is directly linked to the curb appeal of your home, which is why you want it to look its best no matter what the season. Making wise choices as far as the flowers to plant in the fall will go a long way in achieving that goal.

We understand that you want something you can be proud of. That will come down to choosing a landscaping company that has a key eye for design and can offer some great flowers to plant in the fall (plus install them in a way that wows). After all, it’s not just the plants themselves, but also how they are installed that matters.

By working with a company that has your best interest at heart, your fall landscape can be truly spectacular.

Ready to have a truly impressive Northern Texas yard with beautiful fall annuals? Get in touch with us so we can talk about some enhancements that might work best for your unique property.

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Image Source: Pansies, Viola, Snapdragon, Kale, Cabbage, Dusty Miller

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