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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sprinkler Systems in North Texas

Jack Moore
Aug 26, 2021 8:22:20 AM

As someone who cares about having a healthy and thriving lawn, you know that an optimally functioning irrigation system is important. But you might still have some questions. As an informed consumer, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything right so that you’re getting the full value out of your system.

We commend you for wanting to have the correct information and make sure you’re operating your system optimally. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of questions about irrigation systems that we tend to frequently receive. We want to make it easy for you to get the information you’re looking for from a trusted guide.

The following are the questions about irrigation systems and about watering that we get asked the most often.questions about irrigation systems

Frequently Asked Questions about Sprinkler Systems in North Texas

Honestly, we think it’s great that you have questions. And like you probably heard in school, there are no “dumb questions” when it comes to asking about your sprinkler system. After all, we don’t expect you to be irrigation experts or to understand what your lawn or landscape needs in terms of watering. That’s why we’re here to help!

These are the most frequently asked questions we receive.

What is the Best Type of Sprinkler Head for What I Need?

Homeowners are commonly asking us about the different types of sprinkler heads and other system components that go into a sprinkler system installation. This question can be best answered following an evaluation of your property and its needs.

But the most important thing to remember is that all systems are not created equally.

There are reasons why some components are going to cost more than others and this is not necessarily an area where you want to make cuts or skimp in any way. As with most things in life, you tend to “get what you pay for,” and this is certainly true for irrigation systems. If you invest a little bit more money at the onset, you’ll likely get more longevity and more value out of the system.sprinkler system installation Dallas TX

Do I Need Smart Irrigation?

Smart irrigation is all the buzz right now but it’s truly for good reason. With water at a premium, it’s really important that we aren’t being wasteful and we’re using it wisely. We get so many questions about whether smart irrigation makes sense that we wrote an entire article on it.

You can read that article for more in-depth information, but the short answer is that all homeowners could benefit from a smart irrigation upgrade. That’s because it will save you from hassles and headaches and will ultimately save you both money and water (which go hand in hand).
questions about lawn sprinkler systems
Although there’s obviously an upfront cost to upgrade an existing system (or integrating a system for the first time), over time, a smart irrigation controller can ultimately pay for itself in water savings.

What Can I Do to Reduce My Water Bill?

When it comes to questions about irrigation systems, many of them have to do with a water bill. Homeowners are frustrated if their water bill seems particularly high.

If it’s out of the blue that it’s so much higher than normal, it could be a system leak.

But if it’s consistently high and you feel like you could be saving money, then the answer might circle back to our last question of Do I need smart irrigation?

Upgrading to smart irrigation can start to save you money by ensuring that your property is watered more efficiently. There are few things that are more frustrating than seeing a sprinkler system kick on in the middle of a rainstorm! Smart irrigation technology aims to avoid these types of scenarios.

Why Do I Have Some Dry Spots in My Yard?

When an irrigation system is not functioning optimally, one of the common problems that we see is dry spots. Some areas of the lawn are getting what they need but others are not. If you were to fly a drone and take an aerial shot, it might look like you have green circles.

This is a sign that your lawn isn’t being watered in a uniform fashion as it ought to be.

Dry spots are just one of multiple signs of an irrigation system problem. Any problem like this is worth having looked at by a professional.

Going forward, an irrigation system audit can be invaluable when it comes to making sure that your sprinkler system is functioning properly so that it doesn’t get to the point where you have discoloration or dry spots. Here in North Texas, where our weather can be devastatingly hot and dry, your lawn really can’t go too long without receiving the ample water that it needs to thrive.irrigation technician performing a sprinkler inspection

How Do I Set My Controller?

Another of the questions about irrigation systems that we get is about setting the controller. This is in line with the fact that we’re seeing more and more smart controllers being marketed to the DIY customer. While there are plenty of handy homeowners out there who might be able to handle this, you should know that there are some shortcomings.

For one, you might choose a system that can’t be upgraded to adapt to future landscape changes. We’ve seen this happen and homeowners have had to find a way to have more than one controller in order to accommodate their changing landscape.

We have also found that some of the DIY controller choices tend to simplify the setup process by limiting the amount of data you have to program. But this can ultimately have a negative impact on your results. The more data put into the system, the more accurate (and efficient) it will operate.

Ultimately, you stand to gain a lot of benefits if you have a licensed irrigation professional install and set up your smart irrigation controller. Then you’ll have confidence it was installed properly. Plus, you’ll also gain access to a pro who can show you how to use it to the full advantage (and answer questions as they come up along the way).irrigation technician setting up your sprinkler controller

Let Us Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions about Sprinkler Systems in North Texas and Be Your Guide

At Grassperson, we want to be available to you as a resource for your questions about irrigation systems. But we also want to help ensure you get the most out of your system. That’s why we are constantly keeping up with “what's new.” By always researching what’s out there we are able to answer questions for our clients and also offer them the very latest technology.

At the end of the day, we know your goal is to have the best-looking property on the block and irritation is essential to that. Of course, you don’t want lots of hassles and headaches associated with achieving those results. That’s why partnering with a professional is a wise choice. In addition to answering questions that come up along the way, they can ensure that you’re continuing to get the best results by providing services that set you up for success.

Stop worrying about your irrigation needs and leave it up to a pro who knows exactly what your Northern Texas property needs. Get a Free Quote, then you can enjoy the best lawn on the block!

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