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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in the Flower Mound and Highland Village, TX Area?

Jan 10, 2019 4:54:54 PM

Whether you’re pricing out lawn service for the first time or making a change, you’re probably wondering: Why are lawn care prices so different? What impacts lawn care cost, anyway?

lawn care services spreading fertilizer in Flower Mound, TXWe know how confusing lawn care prices can be because there are a range of lawn care services around Flower Mound and Highland Village, TX. You’ve got your fly-by-night owners that jump into lawn care. They might spray, go, and charge less than a competitor. You’ve also got national franchise lawn care companies that cover a lot of ground. You may feel like just a number to them. There are also independent operators and regional players—family businesses who might take your lawn’s health more personally.

If you get lawn service estimates from these different types of companies, you may find that some prices are similar. And, there will probably be some outlier estimates that are really low—or really high.

What gives? How can you compare lawn care cost and make the best choice for your needs?

Read on. We’ll share how lawn service is priced and what factors drive lawn care cost up or down.

Lawn Care Prices by Square Footage

Lawn care prices are figured by square foot of grass on the property, and there are a couple different ways companies can measure your lawn.measuring tape to measure lawn

At Grassperson, we use digital and on-site measuring to be sure the numbers are accurate. GPS technology allows us to analyze photographs of properties to determine square footage. However, more complex properties require physically measuring the site with a walking wheel tape.

Square feet is the key factor in lawn care pricing. If a lawn care provider underestimates the size of your property, the service might cost less—but you may get a price hike later when the company realizes its measurements were off.

What the Lawn Care Program Cost Includes

Next to square footage, scope of work is a major factor in lawn care program cost. Find out what the lawn service will do at every visit. Keep in mind, it’s not just about the number of visits that matters. One company might perform three services in a single visit, while a competing company might do just one service per visit. To accurately compare lawn care programs, look at what individual services are provided instead.

lawn care services seeding lawnAlso find out what is not included in a lawn care program. You could end up with added costs if you need a la carte services that are not part of the regular program.

Many companies will offer different types of packages so you can select a standard or higher level of service. So, when comparing cost, be sure you’re comparing the same types of programs as opposed to one company’s “standard” and another company’s “premium,” which will certainly cost more because it involves more services.

At Grassperson, our 7-step lawn care program costs $300 to $450 per year for an average sized lawn, and this cost is fairly consistent among lawn care companies in Flower Mound and Highland, TX. Now you know all of the different factors that go into pricing, and this will not be the exact cost for your lawn. But, it gives you a ballpark figure to start from.

You Get What You Pay For

How a company trains and compensates its people makes a direct impact on how your lawn will look. Lawn care companies that invest in training have teams with greater expertise and a higher level of experience. Why does this matter to you? By paying a little bit more for a company that invests in training and development, you’ll have a pro on your property that really knows what they are doing vs. a novice that can make costly mistakes.

beautiful lawn serviced by lawn company in Flower Mound, TXNot to mention, companies that pay their people a fair wage might charge more for their services, but their team members feel appreciated and are happy on the job. Satisfied employees take pride in their work. When a company pays its people a below-average wage, team members feel frustrated and might cut corners.

Also, be sure the lawn service you hire is fully insured and licensed in the state of Texas with the Texas Department of Agriculture. This is a cost of doing business that could mean your lawn care price is a bit higher, but you never want to invite a service provider on to your property unless the business is insured. Otherwise, the liability is on you, and lawn care operators are using equipment and products that require coverage to protect against risk.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Comparing lawn care prices in Flower Mound and Highland Village, TX? Pick the program that’s right for you and Get a Free Quote based on the size of your yard. We’ll give you $25 off your first visit for putting your trust in us. Now you can get the best lawn on the block. Seriously. You deserve it.

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