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3 Secrets to a Truly a Healthy Lawn in North Texas

Jack Moore
Jul 19, 2021 8:47:55 AM

Does it feel like growing a healthy lawn is somewhat of a mystery? If you’ve tried various approaches to growing thick and healthy grass, you might feel like you’re somehow missing the secret sauce when it comes to getting the results that you desire.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that there is not one single secret to a healthy lawn. Getting amazing results is ultimately a combination of multiple steps which should be part of a full lawn care program. This includes different services performed at different times of the year. That's because when it comes to how to make your lawn green and thick, there’s more involved than tossing down some fertilizer, as people often tend to think.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as elusive as you might be feeling it is. That’s why we’re here to spill the secrets to a healthy lawn in North Texas. Each of these healthy lawn care tips below is an important piece of the puzzle.Lush green lawn in North Texas

1. Proper Watering

Ok, so watering might not exactly be a “secret.” Most people understand that watering is important when it comes to their lawn’s success. But we often find that homeowners don’t always realize that there is a right and wrong way to water. Everything from the timing to the amount and even the duration all comes into play.
Proper watering for a thicker lawn
Because of our hot and dry conditions, it’s fair to say that a properly functioning irrigation system will be essential to your success. Attempting to water by hand is likely only going to set you up for disappointment.

While people tend to associate water woes in Texas as being related to a lack of water, too much water can also be a problem. When it comes to how to grow a healthy lawn, you have to also make sure that lawn drainage concerns are being addressed. Standing water in the yard (whether due to a leaky irrigation system, a low spot, or some other issue), is going to make it challenging to grow healthy grass.

2. Lawn Aeration

When it comes to the secrets to a healthy lawn in North Texas, lawn aeration is one of those services that isn’t as widely known or understood. But lawn aeration in Texas is so important due to our sandy loam soil type, which is prone to compaction. This can make it difficult for oxygen, water, and nutrients to get to where they are needed.

Aeration is the process of making holes throughout your lawn by pulling small soil plugs (called “cores”) with a special machine called a core aerator. By doing this, it allows more oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil and down to the root zone. That’s important because it creates a more favorable environment for the root system to grow. Healthier roots add up to a healthier lawn.
lawn aeration for a healthy lawn
Lawn aeration can also help breakup the thatch layer that so commonly forms on Texas lawns. The trouble is that excessive thatch can make your lawn more susceptible to problems like disease or pests. But aerating will break up that thatch by increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose it.

3. Soil Health

Although it’s easy to pay attention to what’s going on at the surface of your lawn, when it comes to the secrets to a healthy lawn in North Texas, what’s going on beneath the surface is what really counts. You might be surprised to know that the health of your soil will determine the health of your overall lawn.

Naturally healthy soil is packed with beneficial microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, which help a plant to digest nutrients. These microorganisms also strengthen your lawn against disease and pests.

Aeration is one way that you can improve the health of your soil. As we explained above, this service helps to enhance soil composition.

But in addition to that, at Grassperson, we are also utilizing topdressing to improve soil health. This is an important but often neglected service that can help you to produce a lush, green lawn.

After aerating and overseeding, we can topdress the lawn with an organic product that will assist with the redistribution of the nutrients in your soil. This layer of compost will also mix with the existing soil, helping to create a much healthier layer of topsoil.

With improved soil structure and more microbial life, you’ll start to see your lawn thrive.Overseeding after aeration

Make Your Lawn Green and Thick by Ensuring it has Everything it Needs

While these are some of the secrets to a healthy lawn in North Texas, they certainly aren’t everything your lawn will need. These are 3 elements that we find are frequently overlooked or misunderstood.

But as we mentioned at the beginning, a healthy and thriving lawn is achieved with a full lawn care program that includes a full spectrum of services from weed control to pest and disease management to lawn fertilization. If you were to perform just the 3 steps above, your lawn would still fall short of the results you’re likely craving.

All of these different services ultimately work together to help you get the lawn of your dreams. But it’s essential that they’re performed with proper timing in mind. There is a schedule to lawn maintenance that helps you to make your lawn green and thick. If you’re not seeing the results you desire, it could be that your timing is off.Grassperson crew applying fertilizer

Let a Pro Help You Get the Best Lawn on the Block

The fact is, lawn care is a lot more complicated than most people realize. It involves a lot of different services all working together at the optimal timing. Because of that, a lot of homeowners would rather leave everything involved in these services up to the pros.

When you partner with a lawn care company that is equipped to manage all of your needs, you don’t have to understand all the secrets to a healthy lawn in North Texas. Instead, you can just sit back and relax knowing that a professional has your back. That means you’ll be able to reap the benefits of having the best lawn on the block without all of the work.

Ready to get the results that you desire for your lawn in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX area? Get a free quote and then enjoy the best lawn on the block with no worries!

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