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Should You Hire a Lawn Care Company? 5 Reasons to Use Professional Lawn Services

Jack Moore
Aug 10, 2021 9:41:11 AM

In this DIY age where it seems that lots of people are attempting to do things on their own, you might be wondering is hiring a lawn company worth it?

After all, why should you pay for something that you could do yourself. Lawn care services like fertilization or weed control might seem like something that you could tackle on your own.

So, should you hire a lawn care company? We’ll answer that question by sharing some of the key reasons to consider.lawn technician spraying

Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

To help you weigh the options of professional lawn services vs. doing it yourself, we’ve rounded up this list of reasons to hire a lawn care company. We want you to make the best possible decision for your property.

1. It’s More Complicated than People Often Think

We find that people often tend to simplify lawn care down to tossing some weed and feed down when the lawn isn’t looking its best. But in reality, there are elements of biology and chemistry at play and the entire process is more complex than people tend to realize. Those who tackle DIY lawn care often end up feeling “in over their heads” when tricky problems arise.

In fact, you can really set your lawn off track by implementing the wrong solution to a problem. Do-it-yourselfers may end up misdiagnosing an issue and waste time and money on the wrong products.

Even worse, they could end up doing more damage to their lawn which could mean it takes an even longer time to get the desired results.

2. Your Time is Valuable

When people are weighing professional lawn services vs. doing it yourself, they tend to undervalue their time. Part of this stems from the fact that homeowners often underestimate how time consuming lawn care can be. They assume it’s something they can just take care of on the weekends.

But multiple trips to the store, finding the right day with the right weather (and the time needed), and going through the cleanup and storage of materials are all tasks that take time and effort. Plus, once they dive into it, a lot of people start to realize there are plenty of other things they’d rather be doing.Lawn care technician applying granular fertilizer

3. It’s not as “Cheap” as You Might Imagine

Without a doubt, the number one reason why people consider DIY lawn care is that they think they’re going to save some money. But there can be a fair number of hidden costs associated with lawn care which can start to add up.

It starts with needing to invest in a spreader and the variety of products that will be required.

But there can also be costs associated with making mistakes. If you apply the wrong product (or wrong amount) or perhaps misdiagnose something or make an error, there can be costs involved in amending what went wrong.
Lawn care technician spraying weeds in a lawn
In the end, when homeowners start to think about the expenses of buying what’s needed (plus making trips to the store), they may start to lean toward just having a professional handle it.

4. DIY Lawn Care Can be Dangerous

One factor that homeowners sometimes fail to think about is that there is some danger or at least safety concerns associated with DIY lawn care.

For one, working outdoors in the North Texas heat can be pretty grueling. Whereas professional lawn care workers spend all of their days working outside (and are therefore better acclimated), many homeowners tend to underestimate just how laborious and exhausting this work can be in the heat.

Working outdoors also means potential exposure to snakes, wasps, and scorpions!

On top of that, you’re working with chemicals. While these products are safe when handled and applied properly, you won’t be trained like a professional lawn care technician on how to use them. Plus, you’ll need to make sure that you’re safely storing these products, too.lawn care technician overseeding

5. You Might Not Get the Results You Desire

Finally, in the case of professional lawn services vs. doing it yourself, the fact that you may get lackluster results if you perform these services on your own may be one of the most important points we can make.

By hiring a professional lawn service, you’re going to get better results (assuming you choose a qualified pro). That’s because a professional is investing in high-quality, commercial-grade products that yield better results. These aren’t products that you can just pick up at the local hardware store.

A professional also knows how to apply these products properly, which makes a huge difference in the results.

Getting the Best Lawn on the Block with Professional Lawn Care

If you’re someone who is interested in getting the best lawn on the block—without a whole bunch of hassles associated with it—then choosing professional lawn care is going to be your best path.
Choose a lawn care professional to help with your lawn
While we do understand some of the reasons why people decide to tackle DIY lawn care, in the end it’s usually not worth it. After all, there’s often a lot more frustration and money that comes along with fixing mistakes than there is in simply investing in quality lawn care in the first place.

Since we can see both sides, in our opinion, the answer to the question “Should you hire a lawn care company?” is YES. It’s simply not worth the hassles, headaches, and potentially wasted money to do it yourself.

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