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Tree and Shrub Care: The Who, What, Where, When, & Why in North TX

Mike Moore
May 29, 2020 9:54:01 AM

Your plants are such an important part of your landscape. Although it’s easy to get caught up in caring for your lawn, you probably also want to make sure that your trees and shrubs continue to look their best as well. 

But what exactly does that mean? What can you do to help assist in their health and performance?

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Just like you can utilize a professional lawn care program to ensure your lawn is getting everything that it needs, you can also incorporate professional plant health care and gain peace of mind your plants are getting what they need.

We’ll explain a little bit more about what a program like this entails, answering all of your key questions so that you can make the best decision for your property.

Who Offers Plant Health Care?

A lot of lawn and landscaping companies offer plant health care as an additional program (beyond lawn care) in order to protect the plants’ on homeowners’ properties. 

Trees and shrubs with plant health care services

At Grassperson, we call this our “Tree and Shrub Care Program,” and it can be included in our Total Maintenance program. You can also add Tree and Shrub Care to your lawn care package.

There are also some tree companies that offer plant health care. However, a lot of homeowners find it convenient and seamless to have the same company that cares for their lawn also care for their landscape. 

What is Plant Health Care?

Similar to lawn care, plant health care is all about protecting the health of your plants with a combination of applications that look at fertility, disease, and pests. The aim is to be proactive and to attempt to prevent a lot of potential problems in the first place. 

However, at Grassperson, our program also includes curative treatments as their needs arise. For instance, we will specifically target Crape Myrtle Bark Scale on certain plants where it is prevalent here, such as Crape Myrtles. 

Where are Treatments Performed?

Our plant health care treatments are for plants like flowers and shrubs. While we also treat ornamental trees (typically those 20 feet or smaller), we do not address mature trees. That is a task best left in the hands of an arborist. 

Healthy plants and shrubs in north Texas

In terms of where treatments are performed on the property, we are typically spraying foliar applications on the plants in your plant beds (and on your ornamental trees). These are generally with treatments to protect your plants from threats. However, we will also inject a “root stimulator” as we transition into spring and the active growth season. This helps to get nutrients into the soil to be picked up by the plant at the root zone and assist with growth.

In addition, during the final application we are also applying deep root fertilizer into the soil. This is timed right before winter when plants really start taking on additional nutrients to sustain themselves through the cold season. 

When is Tree and Shrub Care Performed?

Our plant health care program is a quarterly program so it consists of 4 visits per year. The treatments that we are performing at each quarter are specifically based upon the needs of your plants at that time.

For instance, it’s very important to treat for pests when they’re active in order to help reduce the population and keep your plants healthy. Different plants may have different needs as certain plant types will be more prone to diseases and pests than others. This is why a customized plan developed for your specific property is critical to the success of a program like this. 

Why Invest in Tree and Shrub Care?

So, why is all of this important? Do you really need to worry about the health of the plants on your property? A lot of homeowners don’t give the trees, shrubs, and flowers too much thought until there’s an existing problem.

But the fact is, investing in plant health care helps protect your overall investment in your landscape. By protecting against threats like disease and pests (or treating problems swiftly when they arise), you will be less likely to lose plant material. This is important as ornamental trees and shrubs can be costly to replace. 

Landscape treated with tree and shrub care in north Texas

It can also be a frustration to replace plants. If you have a more mature shrub that’s filling a valuable spot in your plant bed, and you lose it, you might have to start over with a small shrub and just wait for it to grow.

But there are other benefits, too. With fertilization being an essential element of plant health care, it’s possible that your ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers will grow more profuse with potentially longer bloom time. Those better results help you in having the best-looking property on the block. 

And the truth is, most people realize plant health care isn’t all that costly when they understand the benefits and the value. Our program starts around $60 per application. 

The cost is dependent upon the square footage of your plant beds and the quantity and types of ornamental trees that you have. After all, we are developing a custom program for each of our clients.

Partnering with a Professional to Protect your Plants

Chances are, you’re invested in your landscape. 

Grassperson team providing tree and shrub care in North Texas

That could mean the money you’ve spent in maintaining it and making it look its best or maybe even the investment you’ve made in the plant material itself (whether you planted it or someone before you did). The last thing that you want is to let that investment go to waste.

By partnering with Grassperson on our Tree and Shrub Care program, you’ll be able to let go of the worries that your landscape could succumb to problems and instead focus on enjoying having the best property on the block.

Ready to gain confidence that your plants are being protected at your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX home? Get a free quote and get ready to have the best property on the block!

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