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What is the Cost of Shrub Removal and Replacement in North Texas?

Jack Moore
May 22, 2023 9:53:25 AM

Shrubs can be a valuable addition to your North Texas property. They add beauty, privacy screening, and more. But if shrubs have become damaged or maybe even past their prime (shrubs don’t actually live forever), you might be thinking about removing and replacing them with something new.

This is a common yard makeover project that can really breathe new life into a property.

Of course, you might be wondering how much it will be to remove and replace shrubs. Plus, what factors might contribute to the cost? Are there reasons why one type of shrub might cost more than another?

In this article, we’ll dive into shrub removal and replacement, including what’s involved with the cost.

When Should I Replace Shrubs?

Before we get into the specifics of the cost of shrub removal in North Texas, let’s talk about when this might make the most sense.

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Here are some of the key reasons why you might consider replacing shrubs.

  • They’ve outgrown the area: If your shrubs are really looking crowded in the space that they’re in, it might be time to replace them. Shrubs are often small and compact when first installed but unless it's a species that remains compact, shrubs can outgrow their space.

  • The shrubs are looking tired: Sometimes, shrubs just start to show their age. If your shrubs are looking old and tired, it might be time to start anew with something fresh. Shrubs might also be struggling with a health issue that is causing them to look sickly. If shrubs are discolored, failing to bloom, experiencing twig death, or are declining in size, they could be sick. Sometimes removal and replacement are the best options.

  • Your shrubs were damaged: Damage can sometimes be the catalyst for removal. If something fell on your shrubs or they experienced a chemical spill, they can end up struggling or dying. Even overwatering a shrub can eventually harm it if it’s significant enough.

  • You’re just ready for a change: There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to remove and replace shrubs because you’re ready for a change. As we mentioned, it can be one of the best ways to refresh a landscape and make everything look brand new. Perhaps you weren’t even the one to pick out the shrubs (if you bought a home with an existing landscape). Removing and replacing shrubs can be a great way to make the property your own.

How Much Does Shrub Removal Cost?

So, you’ve decided you want to move forward with removing and replacing some shrubs. Now, you’re wondering what you can expect from the cost.

landscape team plants shrub

There is no simple answer to the cost of shrub removal in North Texas, mostly because of the variables involved in this type of work. But understanding what is involved, can help you have a better grasp of what you’ll be paying for (and why).

Here are some of the factors that will contribute to the cost of shrub removal in North Texas.

landscaping team plants bushes

  • Location: The location of your shrub is going to have an impact on the cost to remove and replace it. Is it in a wide-open bed or is there tight or restricted access? The latter is obviously more complicated and might require more labor and skill.

  • Shrub Type: Some types of shrubs have shallow roots and will be easy to remove while others have deep and extensive root systems that require significant labor.
  • Shrub Species: The type of shrub that you are replacing your existing shrub with is obviously going to impact the cost. You probably already know from visiting a nursery or even a local big box store that some types of plants simply cost more than others. Factors that impact the cost of a plant can be its age and also how easy it is to grow and reproduce. Some plants are simply rarer than others.

  • Size: When it comes to replacement, the size of the new shrub is also a significant factor. A 3-gallon plant might cost $30 whereas a 5-gallon of the same plant might be $55 and a 7-gallon might be $100. Plus, as we mentioned above, the rarer the species, the more that will cost, too.

With all of these factors in mind, the cost to remove and replace shrubs could be anywhere from $500 for a small bed to several thousand dollars for larger areas

All of the above factors will come into play.

landscape maintenance team shapes shrubs

It’s important to work with a knowledgeable landscaper who can help you establish a reasonable budget for your investment. You can discuss your wants and needs as well as your budget, and develop a plan that is best suited to your property.

Choosing Landscaping Services in North Texas to Remove and Replace Shrubs

We find that some homeowners decide that they’re just going to remove and replace shrubs on their own to try and save some money. While we aren’t claiming that this type of work is rocket science, it can be a lot more involved than people tend to realize. For that reason, we believe that this is best left to professional landscaping services in North Texas.

As we mentioned, a professional can help you to establish a budget that will ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Then, they can take over this task and remove the burden from your shoulders. 

landscape team installs shrubs and mulch

This can be a relief. After all, removing shrubs can be arduous work (especially if they have deep roots and are in a difficult location). Getting a shrub removed completely can be very time-consuming, particularly for the amateur gardener. If you’re looking to remove multiple shrubs, this could easily consume your entire weekend (or more!).

When it comes time to replace your removed shrubs with something new, a pro can ensure that they’re installed properly. Even when you buy a shrub yourself at the nursery, it can be expensive, and you want to make sure it’s planted in a way that will allow it to perform its best.

shrubs and plantings in landscape bed

There is more to just digging a hole and plunking a shrub in. Planting mistakes can sometimes be the reason why shrubs perform poorly and if a shrub is not installed correctly, it may never perform well (and could even die). Then you’ve lost your investment.

This is why shrub installation is truly best left to the pros. They’ll know exactly where on your property a shrub will perform best and will ensure it’s installed correctly.

Choosing Grassperson to Remove and Replace Shrubs

At Grassperson, we love helping homeowners remove and replace shrubs to update their landscaping. And we love taking the burden off their shoulders.

Instead of having to worry about all of the details, you’ll know that we’ve got you covered. We are here to make everything as easy and streamlined as possible. 

Soon, you’ll be enjoying your new landscape with everything having come together exactly as planned.

Ready to have a truly impressive Northern Texas yard? Get in touch with us so we can talk about some enhancements that might work best for your unique property.

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