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Lawn Aeration Services

One of the best secrets to a healthy lawn
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Because of our sandy loam soil type here in Texas, lawn aeration is one of the best services you can have performed. When soil gets compacted (as our soil type tends to), it can be difficult for oxygen, water, and nutrients to get where they need to go. 

But lawn aeration helps to break up that compaction and allow your lawn to “breathe” again. You'll grow a healthier lawn with more nutrients, oxygen, and water penetrating down into the root zone.

DIY Lawn Aeration vs. Hiring a Pro

Most homeowners understand the importance of a lawn aeration service but their question is, why can’t I just do it myself?

While it’s true that you could go out and rent a lawn aerator, there are a few reasons why this probably isn’t your best source of action. 

For one, aeration is actually exhausting, back-breaking work. It’s likely not how you want to spend a free weekend. Plus, anytime that you are operating heavy machinery, you are taking some risk. You could end up tearing up your lawn, damaging your irrigation system, or snagging an invisible dog fence.

Even worse, you could end up with property damage or get hurt if you lose control of the machine.

On top of all that, DIY lawn aeration is likely to achieve subpar results to that of a professional. Keep in mind that a piece of rental equipment is rented out over and over again to people who might not even be operating it properly. That can lead to disappointing results.

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Choosing Professional Lawn Aeration in Flower Mound, TX and Surrounding Areas

If you truly care about achieving the best results, then hiring a professional makes a lot of sense. At Grassperson, it is our goal to take away your burdens and help you achieve the best possible lawn in the process.

When you make aeration part of your lawn care program, you will help ensure better results from other services like fertilization and weed control. That’s because these products also often have to penetrate down to the root zone in order to be most effective. 

Ultimately, you’ll help create a healthier lawn that you’re proud to show off. In fact, soon, you’ll be on your way to having the best lawn on the block.

Are you serious about getting an amazing lawn? Let us handle lawn aeration for you. At Grassperson, we perform professional lawn aeration in Flower Mound, TX and the surrounding area. Call us for a free, custom estimate.


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