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Crabgrass and Nutsedge Control

Effective Solutions for Tough-to-Control Weeds
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As Benjamin Franklin once said, nothing is certain except death and taxes….and weeds. Ok, he didn’t really say that last part but you probably already know that here in our mild climate, weeds are abundant. And unfortunately, weeds like crabgrass and nutsedge can be especially difficult-to-control as they require a specialized approach. 

These two weeds resemble one another and sometimes get confused but they require two different approaches. Fortunately, making the right decisions for crabgrass and nutsedge weed control can help get rid of these aggressive invaders.

Is It Nutsedge or Crabgrass?

Whereas crabgrass is a grassy weed that tends to grow in clumps, nutsedge is not actually a grassy weed (though it looks like one) but is instead part of the sedge family. Nutsedge is a perennial that tends to prefer moist areas of the lawn. It is usually identified by its bright, neon-green color. It reproduces via underground tubers called “nutlets.”

Crabgrass, on the other hand, is an annual weed that is likely to pop up in compacted areas of the lawn, thin spots, and along paved areas. Just one crabgrass plant can produce up to 75,000 seeds that will lay dormant until the timing is right for it to grow and spread.

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Crabgrass Control in Lawns

The best approach to control crabgrass is a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent control products. Pre-emergents form a thin barrier that intercepts germinating crabgrass seeds. It generally prevents around 80 to 85% of crabgrass growth. The key is to apply pre-emergents prior to germination as this timing is critical for the product to work. Any breakthrough can then be addressed with post-emergent controls.

Weed Control for Nutsedge

To attack nutsedge, your lawn care program should include specialty controls specifically designed to target this weed. Because nutsedge can grow as much as five times faster than your lawn, it will require repeated controls. Like other weeds, nutsedge can appear every year, so it’s something to stay on top of.


Crabgrass and Nutsedge Control in Flower Mound, TX, and Surrounding Areas

The best approach to tackling weeds like crabgrass and nutsedge is with a comprehensive lawn care plan that includes a varied approach to weed control. You’ll need a combination of pre-emergents, post-emergents, liquid broadleaf weed control, and even selective controls, like those for nutsedge. 

A lawn care professional can help develop a customized plan that is right for your property and the weeds that you’re dealing with.

At Grassperson, weed control is part of our comprehensive lawn care programs that can help you grow a thicker and healthier lawn that is tough for weeds to invade. The healthier your lawn, the more likely it will be able to defend itself against weeds.

Stop wasting your precious time battling weeds. Let us tackle that for you. At Grassperson, we handle professional nutsedge and crabgrass control in North Texas lawns. Call us for a free, custom estimate.


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