Fertilizing & Weed Control


Keeping your lawn healthy is one of our top priorities. To maintain a healthy lawn, consistent fertilizer treatments and weed sprays are needed. Our 7 step program provides the exact amount of nutrients your lawn needs to thrive and keep those weeds away!


Many larger companies will provide additional unneeded treatments. Grassperson Landscape & Lawn Care combines many treatments into one, so you do not have to continually pay for additional visits that can be done together. Our 7 treatments are done every six weeks-just the right amount of time. 



*Each Treatment Includes a Complete Weed Spray of Any Current Weeds You May Have, Along with the Round Treatment Specified for Your Lawn.


Round 1 is an early spring pre-emergent treatment.
This provides a preventative barrier to keep pesky weeds from even starting! Grassperson Landscape & Lawn Care believes in extreme preventative measures instead of reactively spraying weeds once they arrive.We don’t want them there from the start!

Round 2 is a spring pre-emergent treatment. 
This treatment is a heavier dose of the pre-emergent to provide an additional preventative barrier for spring weeds.  This is one of the most crucial treatments your lawn can receive.  It starts the year off right in getting it healthy!

Round 3 is a fertilization treatment. 
At this time, our technician will treat your lawn with nourishing fertilizer that will help stimulate and strengthen its roots.  This will aide with the upcoming drought we usually have in the summer!  It will also green up your lawn for the springtime! 

Round 4 is another fertilization treatment & weed control. 
Continuing to fertilize throughout the summer is essential to keeping the lawn healthy.  Many people believe if you fertilize during a drought, this will ‘burn up the lawn’.  This is not true if professionally applied.  The fertilizer treatment actually provides much-needed nutrients your lawn needs when there is a lack of rainfall. The technician will also spot treat any weeds that may have popped up since the previous treatment.

Round 5 is a late summer fertilization treatment & weed control. 
All fertilizer treatments need to be reapplied every six weeks.  Your lawn needs ‘food’ just as we do.  Round 5 will help ‘green’ up your lawn again and also strengthen those roots.

Round 6 is a fall pre-emergent treatment. 
This is similar to the Round 2 treatment, but it targets cold-weather weeds.  Again, one of the most crucial treatments your lawn needs.  Once your grass goes dormant, those annoying green weeds will show.  This treatment will help prevent that!

Round 7 is a winterizer fertilization treatment. 
This is your final application for the year.  It addresses any weeds that have popped up and provides root strengthening fertilizer to get your lawn through the winter!