Lawn Care Service

Whether you're a homeowner looking for mowing services or a commercial property owner looking for someone to maintain your property, contact Grassperson Lawn Care & Landscape today. We will provide you with a complete solution for your lawn care needs.

Grassperson can develop a preventative health care program specific for your lawn.

We offer the following standard services for our monthly plan customers:

We mow with sharp blades to prevent tearing and injuring the grass.
Edging is an effective way to provide a definable separation between the yard, sidewalk, and flowerbed. 
Weed eating the edges of a lawn, where grass meets planting beds, paved areas, or fences, can have a big impact. 
Blowing serviced areas will pick up whatever leaves, debris or flowers that litter your yard or garden areas of your home.
De-weeding beds (Available in the Basic Plus and Full Service Plan)
Trimming hedges and bushes at the appropriate time (Available only in the Full Service Plan)
Trimming lower branches on trees maintains tree health.  Pruning to train a tree to a desired form or size is an important goal for pruning and trimming.  Also, pruning certain types of trees allows more sun to enter your property to allow other shrubs room to thrive. Grass suffers greatly around large trees due to lack of sun and the needles that fall on the lawn. By trimming these large trees and getting all the lower level branches off can help with both of these problems.

Basic Plan

Mow, Edge, & Weedeat
Blow all serviced areas
We are currently only accepting regularly scheduled mowing customers-no 'one-time only' mows are available.

Basic Plus Weeding Plan

Basic Plan Mowing
Scheduled Separate Visits to Weed Flowerbeds. Time & Frequency is determined by the homeowner.

Full Service

Mow, Edge, Weedeat, & Blow all serviced areas
De-weed all beds
Trim Hedges
Trim lower branches on trees

Rates will vary based on lot size. Please call or email us today for a FREE price quote!