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4 Backyard Fountain Ideas to Enhance your North Texas Landscape

Jack Moore
Dec 30, 2022 9:50:17 AM

If you’re thinking about a unique way to enhance your North Texas landscaping, a backyard water feature is a great idea.

Decorative water features not only add aesthetic appeal but provide a sense of relaxation with the blissful sound of running water. This can transform your yard into your own personal oasis while also drowning out unwanted background noises. 

In this article, we’ll talk about a few backyard water fountain ideas to help you come up with what might work best for your property.
Water Fountain Ideas for Your Backyard
There are many different water feature options out there allowing you to find a perfect fit for your property

#1: An Overflowing Urn

A water fountain that resembles an urn is a gorgeous addition that almost looks like a statue. An underground reservoir holds the pump and water which will recirculate through the fountain, making it appear as if the urn is overflowing with water. It cascades down the sides.

overflowing urn sculpture water feature

In reality, the water gets pumped back in and flows out the top, creating both a beautiful look and a relaxing sound to enjoy.

#2: Spilling Bowls

Similar to a fountain that looks like an overflowing urn, you might also consider a backyard fountain design that gives the appearance of one bowl spilling into another.

water fountain near garden area

One of the added benefits of a water feature is that it often becomes a haven for birds and butterflies who are looking for a quick splash or a refreshing drink. Sometimes a slightly “calmer'' water feature, like a spilling bowl, is more of an attractor (though it all just depends on the wildlife).

#3: Stacked Stone Fountains

Stacked stone fountains are also very popular water features right now. These come in different shapes, including even a sphere design.

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In these fountains, it looks as though the fountain was made up of stacked rocks, which creates a unique trickle effect for the water. 

As we mentioned, backyard fountain designs aren’t just about the look of the fountain but also the sound that they create. A fountain with stacked stone can provide that calming sound of splashing water.

#4: Pondless Waterfall

While not exactly a “fountain,” pondless waterfalls are also incredibly popular water features. These water features create the look of a waterfall but without a big pool of water. That’s because they are actually fountains in how they operate. 

Pondless Waterfall with natural plantings

The water gets drawn back in and reused continuously (like an endless cycle). 

It creates a beautiful look but without the maintenance that comes with a true waterfall and pond.

Working With a Pro on Water Fountain Ideas for Your Backyard

Whether you like one of these backyard fountain designs or you’re thinking of someone else, it will help to partner with a professional to find just the right design for your North Texas landscaping. 

While some people consider DIY water features, they are actually more involved than homeowners initially realize. 

pondless backyard waterfall

In fact, when Grassperson installs water features in North Texas, there is an entire 20-step process that we follow. That’s no small endeavor. If any of these steps are skipped, you may not get the highest quality end result that you deserve.

There is also landscaping around the fountains to consider. You wouldn’t just plunk a water feature in your yard. There is quite a bit of forethought and planning that goes into where it’s placed and then how to landscape around that area so that it looks as though it blends right in with everything else. 

The fact is, even if everything goes right with your water feature if you are not happy with where you chose to install it, or the landscaping around it, you might not get the most value out of it.

But a professional can help with all of this.

Make Your North Texas Landscaping Special with a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your yard can be a special addition. Whether you are outside to enjoy a family meal, read a book, or watch the kids play, having a water feature can enhance your time outside.

That’s assuming, however, that you are happy with the end result. 

In order to get a water feature that you absolutely love, it’s important to work with a landscape professional who will find the exact water feature that will work on your property. Then, they have to install everything properly. 

The last thing that you’d want is a water feature that does not aesthetically fit the look of your space or perhaps does not function right. In these cases, it can become more of a hassle!

But if you choose a pro who has your best interest at heart, you’ll soon be enjoying everything about your new backyard fountain. 

Ready to have a truly impressive Northern Texas yard with the perfect water feature installation? Get in touch with us so we can talk about some ideas that might work best for your unique property.

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