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5 Fall Landscaping Projects For North Texas Homeowners

Jack Moore
Aug 26, 2022 4:05:00 PM

Do you have landscaping projects that you want to get completed  but you haven’t gotten around to tackling them yet? Are you wondering "what kind of landscaping projects can I do in fall"? The fall can be a great time to get work completed around your property in North Texas. The cooler weather makes it less burdensome to work outdoors, the ground is often easier to dig thanks to some rainfall, and many professional landscapers have a little bit more availability in their schedule.

With that in mind, here are 5 fall landscaping projects you might want to consider.

1. Tackle Yard Drainage Problems

Getting to the bottom of any lawn drainage issues you’re having at your North TX home is important. Whether you have standing water in areas of the property, mini mudslides (with water washing out landscaping), or lawn drainage problems with squishy grass that never seems to dry out, the key is to get to the bottom of what’s causing these issues.

One of the reasons why it can be beneficial to fix yard drainage concerns in the fall is that it typically rains more. You can make a point to really pay attention to where you’re having runoff issues and what areas of the property need to be addressed.

There are different solutions for yard drainage depending upon your specific situation. If water runoff from your roof and gutters is causing problems, the solution might involve connecting pipes to your downspouts and diverting water away from your house. If water is pooling in a certain area of the property, then the solution might involve a French drain. With a proper diagnosis of issues the right solution can be put into play.

Diverting water away from a house with connecting pipes to your downspout

2. Think about Erosion Control

Yard erosion goes hand-in-hand with water runoff concerns. That’s why the first step in addressing erosion may be to correct any yard drainage issues, first. But there can be more to erosion than that as there doesn’t necessarily have to be an excess of water to cause problems. Erosion can also become an issue as a result of the wind or even just the lay of the land.

For instance, you might have a sloped area of the property that is never going to be able to stand up to the power of water, even if drainage has been properly addressed. If that’s the case, then we might put some rock down to help mitigate the effects of rainfall.

Erosion solutions sometimes also involve erosion control netting, which is anchored over straw or mulch to protect it from wind and water damage.

Just like drainage concerns, the key to successful erosion control is determining the cause and implementing the proper solutions.

3. Consider Fall Planting Projects

Fall can also be a great time to start some planting projects you might be considering, such as the addition of some trees and shrubs. Fall is actually an ideal time to install plant material as the ground is still warm but the air is cooler. This puts less stress on plants as they become established in their new home.

professional landscape planting in fall

Although you might think of flower installations as a springtime project, in reality, adding fall flowers to your landscape can help it to look colorful and bright even as many other plants around your property begin to go into dormancy.

Fall is also a great time to install sod, since it will soon be going dormant and won’t need to be watered constantly or deal with the stress of spring or summer heat. The addition of mulch can also help freshen up your plant beds in the fall and help keep your property looking the best on the block.

Grassperson professionals installing sod during the fall

4. Incorporate Decorative Landscaping Stone

Another great fall landscaping project is adding landscaping stone. Your fall installations need not only be plant material. Fall is also a great time to incorporate decorative landscaping stone in ways which will enhance your overall landscape. Decorative stone projects are the type of thing that never go out of style. They’re going to look great, even as the winter months roll around and your landscape goes into dormancy.

stepping stone pathway addition in North Texas

Whether you are thinking about incorporating natural stone slabs for a stepping stone walkway, want to use stones to create decorative borders around your plant beds, or you want to incorporate beautiful boulders into your landscape, all of these projects can add tremendous curb appeal.

5. Plan on Lawn Aeration

In North Texas, lawns can be aerated in both the spring and the fall. A lot of it has to do with the soil temperature as you don’t want it to be too hot that you’ll risk drying out your grassroots in the process. That’s why the milder temperatures of spring and fall make the conditions ideal.

Lawn aeration in the fall can be particularly valuable as this is also a great time to topdress with compost that will amend the soil and help it get through its dormancy period in the winter. A lot of homeowners who have their lawn aerated in the fall tell us that it comes out of dormancy better than ever.

Lawn aeration machine

In the fall, we also tend to get more rainfall and this can help the soil to be just slightly softer which can make lawn aeration even more effective. The purpose of aeration is to break up soil compaction and allow the lawn to breathe. In doing so, more oxygen, water, and nutrients make their way down to the roots of your lawn where they are needed most.

At Grassperson, we have traditionally always performed lawn aeration using a piece of machinery called an aerator. This is the type of aeration that most people are familiar with. However, there is a new practice called liquid aeration, which we are also beginning to offer. Liquid aeration works by using chemical products to loosen the soil as opposed to a machine. If this is something that you’d like more information on, we invite you to reach out.

Get Ready to Have the Best Property on Your Block

There’s no question that getting started with one or more of these fall landscaping projects will help get you on your way to having the best property on your block. The key will be to connect with professionals that have the ability to handle it all—and to get this work done with the level of expertise that you’re looking for.

At Grassperson, we are proactive about finding problems and implementing solutions for issues like erosion control and drainage. We’re also equally skilled at completing beautiful installation and planting work, and installing gorgeous stone projects.

Grassperson professional landscape planting

If you’re ready to get started, we can handle one or more of these projects at once for you, giving you peace of mind that your property will soon be looking its best.

Ready to get your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX home on the road to looking even better? Get a free quote and get ready to have the best property on the block!

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