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A Handy Guide to Fall Lawn Care in North Texas

Jack Moore
Sep 16, 2021 10:12:10 AM

When it comes to what your lawn needs to perform optimally, each season brings its own needs. Of course, the fall can be a very busy time. As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of fall activities, certain lawn care tasks can sometimes get overlooked. But proper timing of many of these tasks is really important to get the most out of your lawn.

That’s why we have rounded up this list of handy fall lawn care tips for North Texas. We want to help make sure you don’t miss any important tasks. With this North Texas Fall Lawn Care Guide, we can help set you up for success.

Tasks for Fall Lawn Care in North Texas

Here are some of the most important things that you should be doing for your lawn in the fall. Proper timing of these tasks will not only mean a healthier lawn as we head into colder months but will give you a jumpstart on the spring.

Lawn Aeration

In North Texas, lawns can be aerated in the spring or the fall. But lawn aeration performed in the fall can be particularly valuable as this is also a great time to topdress the lawn with compost which will amend the soil and help it get through the upcoming dormancy period in the winter. In fact, many homeowners who aerate in the fall tell us that their lawn looks better than ever come spring.

fall lawn aeration in North Texas

The fall can also be a good time for aeration because we get more rainfall. This makes the soil slightly softer and helps with the effectiveness of the aeration service. The purpose of aeration is to break up soil compaction and allow the lawn to breathe. In doing so, oxygen, water, and nutrients are able to penetrate down to the root zone where they’re needed most.

Fall Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is another really important North Texas lawn care task that should be performed in the fall.

Early fall fertilization will be the last round applied in the calendar year. This is arguably one of the most important fertilization applications because it helps to set a foundation for the winter months to come. It also helps set the lawn up for success in the spring.

fall lawn fertilization

Early fall fertilization has some really important benefits. For one, as the blades of grass start to slow their growth, grass plants are using nutrients in the fertilizer like Phosphorous to make improvements to the root system.

Nutrients like Potassium are also helping to prepare the grass for the coming colder weather, strengthening it against damage. Plus, nutrients like Nitrogen will be stored in the soil and help the grass to “green up” come spring.

We’ve also found that the final fertilization application helps lawns to retain some color for lawns that go into dormancy during the winter.

Attacking Weeds

Due to our climate weeds are basically a year-round problem. So, fall lawn care in North Texas must include ongoing weed control.

lawn full of weeds

Weed control should be part of a full-service lawn care program that has varied approaches. This includes pre-emergent controls, post-emergent controls, and specialty controls.

lawn care professional treating weeds in fall

During our two applications between September and December, we are putting down fall pre-emergent products that help us to get ahead of early spring weeds. Then, between January 1st and the end of March, we are putting down different pre-emergent products (two more applications) that will work to control late spring and summer weeds. So, there is a significant effort to control weeds year-round in our lawn care program.

Leaf Cleanup

Fall lawn care in North Texas should also include leaf cleanup, as the leaves can ultimately cause problems for your turf.

Many of the properties that we care for in North Texas have multiple trees and that can create quite a mess when they begin to fall. In fact, it sometimes requires multiple visits to get all of the leaves off of the ground.

fall leaf removal in landscape beds and lawn

But this is important because it will help make your property look neat and tidy. On top of that, it will prevent detrimental problems with your turf. Fallen leaves can become a habitat for rodents and unwanted pests to take shelter.

That can be particularly problematic around the foundation of your home, where these unwanted pests might find a way inside.

Areas of fallen leaves can also harm your grass. Areas left under heavy leaf color won’t be able to get sunlight and can begin to die. You’ll want leaves removed so that your lawn can continue to get the sunlight it needs.

Fall Irrigation Checkup/Shutdown

When it comes to fall lawn care in North Texas, you will want to make sure that your turf is still well-watered during the fall to keep it green and healthy. Watering is such a vital part of lawn care and we still have many hot days during the autumn months.

professional lawn care team adjusts sprinklers for winter

Of course, winter is just around the corner.

For that reason, a late-season irrigation checkup can also be vital to ensure that everything is in optimal working order. This will also include a controller adjustment as watering needs will decrease (or not be needed at all) over the winter.

A decent number of our clients will request an irrigation shutdown in the fall.

Final Mow

lawn care professionals mow and line trim lawn in fall

At Grassperson, we typically wrap up our mowing season around the end of October. However, many of our clients’ lawns are still getting some growth in November. When that occurs, we do advise one final mow before the winter in order to have the lawn neat and trim. This will keep the lawn in the best possible shape as we head into the colder months.

Considering Fall Enhancements, Too

Those are some of our most important Fall lawn care tips for North Texas. But fall is also a great time to consider enhancement projects.

Some of the best fall enhancement services that we can add to your fall lawn care include the following.

Seasonal Color: Adding fall flowers to your landscape can bring color and interest as your lawn and plants potentially go into dormancy.

Sod Installation: The fall is an excellent time to have sod installed since it will be going dormant soon and won’t have as intense watering needs.

truck delivers fall sod to be installed

Mulch: Fall is also a wonderful time to add mulch to your plant beds for a fresh, clean look. This can be performed at the same time as a seasonal color installation or by itself.

Holiday Lighting: With winter just around the corner, now is a great time to think about holiday lighting. This is a service that we also start in the fall.

professional installed holiday lighting

Leaving North Texas Lawn Care to the Pros

While some homeowners are tempted to perform some of these services on their own, there are many benefits to handing them over to a pro.

For one, you won’t have to worry about the hassles and headaches of dealing with them. Many homeowners don’t really feel like spending their whole free weekend working on their lawn.

lawn care professionals do fall lawn care in North Texas

But it also means you’ll gain the assurance they will be performed properly. Sometimes these tasks can become more complicated than people imagine. When you let a professional tackle them, you’ll know that they’ll be done right.

As we mentioned early on, the fall season tends to get really busy for a lot of people and weekends can slip by without these tasks being performed. But when you let a professional take care of them, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Plus, you’ll take your lawn to the next level. There’s nothing better than have a gorgeous lawn to show off right up until the dormant season. And with proper lawn care, your lawn will also bounce back quicker when the springtime does roll around.

If you truly want the best lawn on the block, we’re here to help.

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