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Your Handy Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Jack Moore
Jul 19, 2023 9:04:56 AM

As a property manager or as the person responsible for the care of a commercial property, you already know how much the landscape can impact your operations. Customers or patients will judge your business or practice based on its appearance. It’s important that you make a good first impression.

For that reason, you want to make sure that you’re covering all the bases. You don’t want to leave any important commercial landscaping maintenance tasks incomplete.

That’s why we’ve rounded up this handy checklist for landscape maintenance. As a company that does this work day in and day out, we know exactly which services are most important to keep your commercial property looking its best.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

While a package can be created for your specific property (based on its precise needs), the following commercial landscaping maintenance tasks are important considerations and might need to be on your checklist.

✓ Turf Management

Your lawn areas are like a giant welcome mat for visitors, patients, or clients. You want it green, healthy, and thriving. A lawn that is full of weeds or bare spots simply isn’t a welcoming sight.

lawn technician sprays grass

That’s why year-round turf management is so important. This would include lawn care services like fertilization, weed control, aeration, and topdressing. These lawn care tasks will help produce a thick and healthy lawn that you are proud to show off. They’ll also give your commercial property valuable curb appeal.

✓ Tree and Shrub Care

Year-round maintenance of your landscape should also be part of your checklist for landscape maintenance. Your plants are just as important as your lawn. But the landscape is susceptible to potential problems just like the turf. 

plant care technician sprays shrubs

You want to make sure that plants are protected against disease and pests…and that they are well-fertilized so that they continue to grow and perform their best.

This all contributes to the look of your commercial property and the impression that people get when they visit or drive by.

✓ Seasonal Color Changes

When it comes to wow factor, nothing quite impresses like seasonal color. A bright burst of flowers at the front of your commercial building can be incredibly welcoming.

flowers and plantings near palm tree 
Obviously, customers and patients have lots of options here in North Texas and you want them to choose you. Sometimes something as simple as a welcoming entrance can make a difference. It makes you memorable and provides the best possible impression.

✓ Seasonal Mulching

You’ll also want to make sure that you are keeping up with having your plant beds periodically mulched so that they look fresh and appealing.

bags of mulch on truck

Mulching also has valuable benefits to the plants installed there as it helps the soil retain moisture and protects precious roots from temperature variations and wind. Mulch can also help suppress weed growth. 

But the curb appeal is definitely one of the biggest benefits of professional mulching. Your plant beds get a major boost when a layer of new mulch is installed.

✓ Irrigation System Management

Making sure that your commercial irrigation system is in top-working order is critical as your turf and plants need ongoing water in order to thrive. 

sprinkler head sprays grass and landscape bed

Here in North Texas where drought conditions are common, a faulty irrigation system can lead to the loss of plants or turf. But it can also be expensive. An unnoticed leak is simply wasting precious water! 

Irrigation system management should include inspections, necessary repairs, and water management.

✓ Property Rehab Projects

Though not exactly a commercial landscaping maintenance task, we wanted to mention that commercial properties can often benefit from rehab projects like tree and shrub replacement, drainage correction, and hardscaping repairs. 

landscape team carries flowers to plant

If your commercial property is in need of some updates or repairs, working with a landscaping professional can really help restore life and curb appeal. Sometimes a simple fix can really make a hue difference.

✓ Low Voltage Lighting

Similar to the above, the installation of low-voltage lighting is not a commercial landscaping maintenance task, but it can have significant benefits for your commercial property. If you have a practice or business that gets used in the evening hours, improved landscape lighting or bistro lighting can be a great addition. 

landscape lighting on trees

Even if you aren’t using your property at night, landscape lighting can help make it safer and reduce the risk of problems like vandalism or theft.

Getting the Most Out of Commercial Landscaping Maintenance in North Texas

At the end of the day, each property will have its own checklist for landscape maintenance based on the exact needs and specifications of the property. It’s important to work with a landscaping company that can help you solve problems that you’re having…and also improve your property’s curb appeal and value.

At Grassperson, we are ready and eager to help. There is nothing that we enjoy more than helping local business owners and property managers ensure that their commercial spaces are the best they can be.

Let a pro get your commercial landscape in the best shape. Get a free quote for landscape maintenance and then get ready to reap the benefits.

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