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Understanding Holiday Lighting Services: Ideas, Costs, & When to Hire a Pro

Jack Moore
Oct 17, 2019 8:03:00 AM

When it comes to getting your home ready for the holidays, you likely fall into one of two groups—those who love having holiday lights on their home or those that don’t. 

If you’re someone who falls into the “holiday spirit” category, then you may be faced with whether it’s something that you like to do (and feel confident doing) or it’s something you’d rather hire a pro to handle for you.

We understand that there are some folks out there who would prefer to put up their own holiday lights. They have an eye for design and it might even be part of their holiday traditions. 

But there’s also a fairly large group of homeowners that either don’t want to put up their own lights (it’s a lot of work after all) or don’t feel comfortable doing it. That’s where hiring professional holiday lighting services can help.

Custom Holiday Lighting Ideas

As someone who wants the best-looking property on the block, chances are you don’t want an ordinary lighting display. You’d like something custom, that really fits the style of your home and actually looks like a professional job.

professional holiday lighting display on house

Professional holiday lights are measured and cut to the exact dimensions of your home. This is not piecing together random 20-foot strands. Instead, we start with a 5,000-foot roll of wire and lights and we custom-craft the display that suits your wants and needs.

The lighting can be displayed in custom colors, as well. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

How Much Do Holiday Lighting Services Cost?

A lot of homeowners that we talk to have no idea what to expect to pay for professional holiday lighting services in North Texas. They walk into their local big box store and see that lights sell for $10 a strand—and that’s the only information they’re working with. 

But professional holiday lighting starts around $500 to $2,500 for the first year (a number that will be impacted by the size of your home and the complexity of the work). That minimum $500 holiday lighting services cost includes approximately $250 for the labor and $250 for the lights, the latter of which is a one-time cost. Once you purchase the lights, they’re yours to keep. 

It’s important to note that when investing in professional lighting, you’re getting a lot more than a cheap strand of Christmas lights you could buy at the store.

Let’s explore what you’re getting for your investment in holiday lighting services.

Lighting Quality

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that the lights that you’ll get from a professional are not the lights you could buy in a big box store. At Grassperson, we use lights that are commercial-grade and custom-crafted to the exact measurements of your home. 

House with holiday lighting services in North Texas

They’re expected to last at least a decade as long as they are professionally installed and properly stored. Most cheap lighting strands last a couple of years at most. How many times have you pulled out the lights from last year only to find a bunch of missing bulbs or other problems? Store-bought lights are simply not made for the long-haul.

Better Technology

The lights that Grassperson uses are also LED technology, which does not pull as much energy as traditional lights. In fact, LED is a fraction of the cost to run than incandescent lighting. The ROI for using LED lighting is generally around 2 to 3 years when considering the energy savings.

You’re Paying for the Hard Work, Too

Finally, make sure that you remember you’re also investing in the cost to have the holiday lights installed. That means not only getting a professional-looking finished project but not having to deal with the hassles and the dangers of performing the lighting installation work yourself.

House with holiday lights

On top of that, the cost of holiday lighting services also includes taking down the lights—one of the least favorite tasks. When the holidays have come and gone, most homeowners just don’t feel like dealing with this. But when you hire Grassperson, we take down the lights and also organize and bundle them for next year. It takes all of the hassles out of the process.

When to Hire a Pro to Install Your Holiday Lighting

We’ve already touched a little on why you might consider a professional for holiday lighting services when we discussed the cost. But we want to talk more about the safety involved in performing this service yourself. 

While we understand that it’s part of many homeowners’ holiday traditions, it’s a lot more dangerous than many realize. In fact, one medical report we found stated that ER doctors are seeing a rise in holiday accidents in which homeowners fell off of roofs or ladders, with as many as 15,000 accidents in one holiday season.

I have a personal story to share, as well. One of my good friends, a top-level exec who certainly could have afforded professional holiday lighting services, wanted to perform the work himself. He was lucky that he was okay when he fell off of his roof—but not everyone is as lucky. Even if this is something you enjoy doing, it’s worth evaluating whether you feel comfortable and safe doing it.

Choosing the Best Holiday Lighting Service in North Texas

If you’re investing in professional holiday lighting, you want a finished product that looks spectacular—not something that looks like you could have done it yourself. That’s why it’s worth investing in a company that not only has a keen eye for design and will create a truly custom look for your home, but that will handle all of the guesswork for you, making it a truly hassle-free experience.

Instead of ending up with a mediocre holiday lighting job, you’ll have a home that shines brilliantly when the holidays roll around. 

Ready for an impressive holiday display at your home in the Flower Mound, Argyle, or Highland Village, TX area? Get in touch with us so we can discuss your holiday lighting needs.

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