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Installing Outdoor Lighting for Security: 4 Tips for North Texas Homeowners

Jack Moore
Oct 19, 2023 9:47:18 AM

If you’re thinking about ways to make your home more secure, you might be considering whether you should install outdoor lighting for security. While adding outdoor lighting can boost curb appeal and make your home more attractive, there’s no denying that it can make your property safer, too.

In this article, we’ll talk about some important considerations in regard to outdoor security lighting. There are a few key ways that lighting can have a big impact on security.

#1: Outdoor Lighting for Security is About Making a Home Look Occupied

One of the key ways that outdoor lighting can make a home safer is by making it look occupied…whether you are actually there or not. 

Because your outdoor security lighting can be controlled by an app, you can change your lights (turn them on or off…or even dim them), whether you are there or not.

outdoor landscape lighting on driveway and near entrance of home

Plus, we can also set up lighting on a timer so that it comes on at the same time every night. 

If a thief, vandal, or trespasser thinks that you might be home, they’re going to be less likely to bother your property.

#2: Outdoor Security Lighting Puts “Law Breakers” on Display

Security lights are a major deterrent for those breaking the law because it’s going to put them on display (whether you are home or not!). 

Thieves, trespassers, and vandals do not want to be caught, so they’re going to stay in the dark and hide in the shadows.

front of home with landscape lighting on trees and entrance

But security lighting doesn’t allow them to do that.

For that reason, when a home is well-lit, it often encourages criminals to move on and try somewhere else.

#3: Outdoor Security Lighting Works Hand-in-Hand with Security Cameras

These days many homeowners have security cameras around their properties. But if your camera can’t pick up footage because it’s too dark, it’s not going to do much good.

This is why security lighting and security cameras work hand-in-hand. 

outdoor landscape lighting at front of home

It’s important that the lights are able to capture what’s actually going on. The last thing that you want is for the lights to be so bright that they wash the footage out. And you also don’t want them to be too dim to actually pick up details.

It’s important to work with a landscape lighting expert who can make sure that all of your security features work together.

#4: Strategic Decisions are Important for Landscape Lighting for Security

If you’re like most homeowners, your goal for your landscape lighting is probably multi-purpose. You want your property to be easy to navigate, have great curb appeal, and be secure. This is why it’s important to work with a landscape lighting professional who can help you achieve all of these goals.

Sometimes, outdoor security lighting gets a bad rap for being utilitarian. But that’s because some people might put up a bright spotlight or two and call it “security lighting.”

landscape lighting in backyard of home

But there is no reason why security lighting can’t also be attractive and boost curb appeal. With the right professional leading the design, your lighting can be multi-purpose.

It boils down to strategic decisions like where lights are placed, how bright they are, and what techniques are used.

Choosing Landscape Lighting Installation in Flower Mound, TX

Your home should feel safe and secure so that you can relax and have peace of mind…whether you are home or not. 

This is an area where lighting can have a huge impact.

Safety and security are both important and truly go hand-in-hand.

From a safety standpoint, you’ll be able to navigate your property at night, with less risk of falling. It’s so important to think about lighting stairs, walkways, and your driveway so that these areas can be safely navigated in the dark. Whether it is you, a family member, or a guest, you never want to think about someone falling on your property.

But as we’ve talked about, having a well-lit home also makes it significantly more secure. Criminals do not want to be seen and will simply move to a home that is not so well-lit.

Of course, getting all of these benefits comes down to making the right choice in landscape lighting professionals.

Landscape lighting can be a relatively substantial investment in your property. But with the right design, it can be one that pays off greatly in the very ways that we have outlined in this article.

At Grassperson, we care deeply that our clients get the most out of their North Texas properties both day and night. That is why we have invested in a sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Flower Mound. It’s a company that specializes in outdoor lighting and can offer our clients the very best options. 

With the right lighting, your home will feel safe and secure while also looking better than ever.

If you’d like to find out more about landscape lighting installers in Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX, you can visit the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives website or contact us at Grassperson.

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