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6 Lawn Irrigation System Problems You Might Not Notice

Jack Moore
Jan 10, 2022 9:40:01 AM

A lot of times, homeowners assume that lawn irrigation system problems are going to be obvious. There would be a lot of standing water in the yard or maybe a really noticeable leak with water spraying where it isn’t supposed to.

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Unfortunately, some lawn sprinkler system problems can actually be quite sneaky. You might not even notice there is a problem at all! Sometimes the problem is with a part of the system where it hasn’t caused major issues yet—but it will! Catching these problems early is so important.

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That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of lawn irrigation system problems that you might not notice are happening. However, we want to be clear that just like you shouldn’t take a self-diagnosis as replacement for seeing a medical doctor, even if you think you’ve diagnosed an issue, you’d still want to bring in an irrigation professional to check everything out. There could be more going on than you even realize.

Since irrigation problems can be incredibly costly, it’s simply not worth the risk!

6 Sneaky Lawn Sprinkler System Problems

To help give you a sense of some of the lawn irrigation system problems that could be happening right under your nose, we’ve rounded up this list. Just keep in mind this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible problems, just some to keep on your radar.

sprinkler head watering grass

1. A Slow Irrigation Leak

The “silent killer” of an irrigation system is often a slow leak that really isn’t noticeable. It could be a slowly leaking head where water is still spraying out, so it appears to be fine but it’s actually dripping excess in a certain area and giving you poor coverage.

irrigation team repairs sprinkler system

2. Poor Coverage

In general, poor coverage can be a problem of its own. Maybe the water isn’t spraying as far as it should be or if it’s a sprinkler system for the plant bed, maybe your landscaping has evolved since the system was installed. While water is still coming out and on the surface, everything “seems” to be working fine, you might not be getting optimal coverage.

sprinkler heads water grass

3. No Rain/Freeze Sensor

Of the various lawn irrigation system problems, another would be the lack of a rain/freeze sensor. This technology is exactly what it sounds like in that it detects rain and freeze cycles and adjusts the irrigation accordingly. This is a simple upgrade that can save you from wasting and paying for water that you don’t need. This is not so much a sneaky problem as an upgrade you just might not be aware of.

4. No Irrigation Smart Controller

Another upgrade that homeowners don’t always know about is upgrading to a smart controller. The truth is, irrigation systems have come a long way and smart irrigation technology can ultimately save you a lot of water (and money). Rain/freeze sensors are part of smart irrigation.

irrigation technician adjust smart irrigation system controller

5. Irrigation Head Movement

Another lawn irrigation system problem that might go unnoticed is if a head gets bumped or moved. It might have gotten stepped on or kicked when the kids or grandkids were playing soccer. Now, the head is coming up at an angle. By all appearances, it might seem to be spraying correctly, but it’s actually not putting water exactly where it should.

irrigation technician adjust sprinkler heads

6. A Problem with the Doublecheck Valve

There could even be a problem all the way out at the street with a part of your system that you might never look at. In fact, some homeowners do not always realize their system has a doublecheck valve. From the water meter that you have at the street, there is an underground pipe that runs a few feet and then T’s off. One line goes to the doublecheck valve (which is the beginning of your underground irrigation system in the yard) and one goes to the house.

irrigation team repairs sprinklers

This doublecheck valve is valuable because it allows you to just turn off your irrigation system (rather than shut all the water off). However, the handle to it is often made of cheap material and frequently rusts or breaks. In as many as 8 out of 10 irrigation system inspections that we perform, there is a problem with this valve. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you really need it.

A Sprinkler System Audit Can Find Problems Before They’re Serious

While sneaky problems like a slow leak aren’t typically catastrophic, they could eventually get to the point where they are much bigger problems if they remain unfixed. Plus, think of it as wasted money just slowly going down the drain!

This is where the value of ongoing irrigation system maintenance in North Texas is so valuable. With a sprinkler system audit, we can often find small problems before they become big ones and we can save you a lot of money in the long run.

irrigation technician inspects sprinkler system

At Grassperson, we recommend at least bi-annual irrigation checks in the spring and in the fall. In the spring, we’re making sure everything looks good as we head into the hottest months (and drought-like conditions). We’re making tweaks where they’re needed and making sure any repairs (however minor they may be) are handled. In the fall, we’re making sure the system is set up for winter when the lawn and landscape needs will dramatically change again.

Some clients do want more than that. During the active growing season, some homeowners in North Texas want monthly checks and we can do that, too.

It all boils down to peace of mind. You deserve to know that your system is in the best possible shape so that you won’t waste money or water. It’s all part of having the best lawn on the block without the worries!

Instead of worrying about potential irrigation problems that may be lurking, you can leave it up to a pro who knows exactly what your Northern Texas property needs. Get a Free Quote, then you can enjoy the best lawn and landscape on the block!

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