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Steps All Landscapers in Flower Mound, TX Should Take When Arriving and Leaving Your Property

Jack Moore
Jul 22, 2019 4:31:19 PM

When you hire professional landscapers in Flower Mound, Texas (or surrounding areas), you expect to get great results. But what you might not think about is the fact that the path toward a great experience begins before the landscapers even step foot on your property. 

From the moment they pull onto your street, they should exhibiting professionalism and keeping customer service at the forefront of all of their actions. That should carry through their time on your property and also reflect in the process of leaving your home, and your neighborhood.

This is important as mistakes can happen before crews even begin the work—or while they are finishing up and leaving. 

Imagine how upsetting it would be to find out it was your landscaper’s truck driving recklessly in your neighborhood or parking their vehicles haphazardly on your street? Or, to find out that your landscaper left a mess behind upon leaving your home?

There are definitely some steps that landscapers should be taking, but may not be—and that’s a disservice to you. 

So that you’re aware of what landscapers ought to be doing when they arrive and when they leave your home, we’ll walk you through some of the steps that might seem like “extras” but that we believe should be part of everyday work for a professional landscape company.

The ARRIVAL of Landscapers in Flower Mound, TX

Here are some of the key steps that landscape companies should be taking when arriving to your property.

Grassperson lawn care and landscape truck and crew

Vehicle Safety

The arrival process starts the second that the truck pulls onto your street, before the crew has even gotten out of the vehicle. It should start with safe parking in a place where the vehicle is out of the way. It should also involve putting out traffic cones to alert the public that a commercial vehicle is parked there. In some cases, hazard lights might also be used.

Digital Documentation Upon Arrival

After pulling up, a digital photo of the street address (such as the house number on a mailbox or the home itself) should also be taken so that you can see that your landscaper arrived at the right home. That may sound silly, but we’ve heard stories of other landscapers performing the work at the wrong home (or at least being accused of that). This eliminates any questions. This photo can be stored in your electronic file records. 

Along with that, the crew leader should electronically clock into the job. This clock-in time is documented with the photo of the address. This is important in terms of digitally documenting the exact arrival time as well as how many hours crews spent on a particular job site. If questions ever arise about how many hours a crew was on your property (or what time they arrived), your landscape company should be able to answer with an exact figure. This is important, particularly for landscapers that bill hourly. Electronic documentation allows for precise data for fair billing.

Vehicle Tracking

In addition to electronically clocking in, the vehicle itself should also have GPS tracking capabilities. This allows for electronic documentation of when the vehicle arrived on site (and ultimately, when it left). It is a second form of clear documentation regarding how long a crew was on site (as well as when they arrived and when they left). 

With vehicles being tracked all day long, it’s also possible to know where any one of the landscaper’s trucks is currently located (or where it’s going) at any point, which can be valuable information if you have questions about arrival times or delays.

Digital Documentation During the Visit

Of course, crews should also be making important notes during their visit. Throughout the process, digital photos should be utilized to your file. 

For instance, if the crew is there to perform irrigation work, they’ll first check the controller and take a photo, noting the make and model of it. Next, if they check the system and find a leak, they’ll take a photo before they dig the hole and after. Then, they should take a photo of the repair work. All tasks should be digitally documented.

Communicating Every Step of the Way

In addition to all of the digital documentation occurring, vocal communication is also important. Crews start off their day on a job site with a quick huddle that includes reminding everyone what the exact work orders details are.

professional landscapers communicating

If warranted, the crew leader should also communicate with you directly. For instance, if they are there for fertilization services, the crew leader will ring the doorbell and ask you if you have any questions before the work begins. 

The DEPARTURE of Landscapers in Flower Mound, TX

How crews leave a site is important, too. Here are a few important steps that landscapers should be taking as they pack up and leave.

Leaving a Property Clean and Tidy

It might sound like simple things but ensuring that any debris is cleared and the property is left looking pristine is important. We’ve heard horror stories of crews leaving behind trash from food or cigarette butts.

Extra Communication for Fertilization

Upon leaving, a sign will also be left behind if fertilization was performed. The sign will explain what was done and what the customers need to do next.

Digital Documentation of Departure

The time that your landscapers have left your home is also important when it comes to knowing how long they were there and how much time you’ll be billed for. That’s why, when work is completed, the crew leader should electronically clock out in order to provide more digital documentation.

Vehicle Safety

Just as the process began with vehicle safety, it should end with it, as well. Traffic cones should be cleared and the vehicle should exit the street safely and carefully. 

Grassperson crew departing property

Again, these may sound like common sense or small items but we’ve heard (and unfortunately seen) some landscape companies ripping through neighborhoods or making poor driving decisions in company vehicles.

Choosing Landscapers in the Flower Mound, TX Area Who are Different 

These may seem like small details but they really do make a difference. And ultimately, they are examples of how a landscaping company that really cares about its customers (and about doing things the right way) will go above and beyond in every way that they can.

landscape professional talking to customer

When choosing from landscapers in Flower Mound, TX and its surrounding areas, you want to know that your company is billing you for exactly what work was performed, that they arrive and leave when they say they did, that they perform all necessary tasks that were scheduled, and that they enter and leave your property with respect. 

This is what Grassperson can offer.

We are a lawn and landscape company that puts customer care first and that shows in the steps that we take when arrive at a property and when we leave one (plus everything that happens in between). 

You can also rest assured that if we care this much about the small details, we are certainly on top of the large ones. In the end, that translates to a better experience for you. You’ll get the beautiful lawn that you desire without added hassles or stressors that you don’t feel like dealing with. When investing in professional lawn care or landscaping services, we believe you deserve nothing less.

Ready to get the results that you desire for your Northern Texas lawn without any extra stress? Get a Free Quote, then you can enjoy the best lawn on the block!

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