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Meet John Moore - Switching Careers to a Job in the Landscaping Industry

Grassperson Lawncare & Landscape
May 1, 2019 7:56:00 AM

From specialty chemical sales to landscape operations—the career switch John Moore made when he joined Grassperson in 2018 was certainly “a unique transition,” he says. Before, his customers were contractors for the U.S. Department of Defense, and he had grown a deep knowledge of the aerospace industry. “The type of customers I was dealing with had a ‘fine print’ mindset—dot your I’s and cross your T’s,” he relates.

GrasspersonHeadshots(LowRes)-4When the operations manager role opened up at Grassperson, John thought about the position and his skillset. Rather than dealing directly with customers in the field, he’d be overseeing the logistics and planning for 50-plus employees who serve more than 2,000 landscaping customers. Attention to detail is mission critical. And, so are great communication and customer service, because John’s “customers” are the Grassperson professionals working in the field to give clients the best lawn and landscape possible.

John was up to the challenge.

His parents, Jack and Ann Moore, purchased the Grassperson business in 2017, and John had watched them accelerate growth and continue a family-oriented company culture that values its people. “That certainly played a part in my decision,” he says.

“This was a jump I was excited to make, and we have very high hopes for the future, so it was a great decision,” he says. “The sky is really the limit.”

Learning the Landscape Industry

John came into the landscape business with an idea of why he appreciated the work. “I can relate to the importance of having a well-kept yard and property, and you want your landscape to stand out,” he says. “We help our customers achieve that, and it’s a really rewarding feeling.”

That said, John did not have previous landscaping experience.

He was going to be taking over the position of operations manager after the former staff member left—and there was a three-week hands-on training period before that happened. “The former operations manager was pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, and there was a limited time to learn the ropes,” John says.

“I jumped right in and started sitting next to him on my first day, and I spent the next few weeks training alongside him,” John says. Also, the experienced team showed him how to manage other aspects of the organization. “A number of our team members have been here for many years, and everyone plays a part in each other’s roles—we help each other. I was very accepting of their help, and it made the onboarding experience go smoothly.”

The most challenging part of learning a new industry and position?

John admits, at first, he was concerned that if he made a mistake with logistics or planning it would create a problem for customers. But he quickly realized how the team works together and supports everyone’s roles. He knows they have his back, and he has theirs. “We all have a number of hats we wear, so finance plays a role in customer support and logistics—and operations plays a role in some of the sales. We are all intertwined, and that’s great because it also opens up opportunities for people to grow.”

Growing a Career at Grassperson

grassperson-truck-now-hiring-sign-2Speaking of career growth, this is what sets Grassperson apart as an employer, John says. “We don’t hold people back,” he relates. “We provide the tools and training for team members to be successful here, and we welcome people with open arms. This company has a bright future and we are growing at a fast pace. We are scaling with purpose, and in the next couple of years, we will be taking the business to the next level.”

Growth and career opportunities do not interfere with family time for John and others at Grassperson. He leaves at about 5 p.m. every day and focuses on enjoying his time at home with his wife, Kimberly, and 4-year old son, Ashton. The active family loves to do anything outdoors—and John enjoys golfing.

“All of our family lives in the area, so spending time together is one of the top things to do when we are not at work,” he says, adding that Kimberly is a coordinating director helping create curriculum for the Frisco Independent School District.

“We do balance work life and family, and that’s important to us,” John adds.

An appreciation of personal pursuits and career interest is part of what makes Grassperson such a special place to develop a career, John says. “This is a place where people really care about one another, and you experience that in the way you are supported with career development and opportunities, and in the family environment. We all have a lot of fun, and that’s important, too. I can’t think of a better career move for me and my family.”

We are always looking for committed, ethical people who are willing to learn. We have tools and mentors to provide you with skills and supports to have a career in the lawn care and landscaping industry. Ready to join us? Check out our open positions today.

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