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Exploring Fall Leaf Clean Up Options + Pro Tips for Northern TX

Jack Moore
Oct 27, 2020 8:53:33 AM

If you have trees on your property, then fall leaf clean up is inevitable. And if you happen to have a lot of trees at your North Texas home, then it’s easy for this task to start feeling overwhelming—maybe more than you can keep up with.

For that reason, you might be considering your fall leaf clean up service options. Is it worth paying a pro to handle this task for you?

We’re talking about your options so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Why Fall Leaf Clean Up is More than an Aesthetics Issue

Although most people think of leaves in terms of aesthetics, in reality, fallen leaves can cause harm if left on your lawn. When not cleared in a timely manner, a thick or matted layer of fallen leaves can block sunlight from the lawn and actually begin to kill it.

A layer of fallen leaves can also become a “home” to unwanted pests who might try to seek shelter under them. This is particularly concerning around the foundation of your home, where these pests may try to make their way inside.
Grassperson crew cleaning up leaves
Of course, it is true that aesthetics is also a reasonable concern. As someone who wants to have the nicest home on the block, unaddressed leaves can make your property look messy and uncared for.

Hiring a Professional Fall Leaf Clean Up Service at Your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX home

Knowing that you need to get leaves up not only from an aesthetics standpoint but also a lawn health concern, you might be considering hiring someone to do the work. After all, you know leaf clean up has to happen but you might not have the time or interest in doing it yourself. Depending upon how many trees you have, fall leaf clean up can be a really time-consuming job. Plus it’s also exhausting, “back-breaking” work.

Even so, you might be wondering what your leaf clean up options might be.

At Grassperson, we can offer several options so that you have choices. Let’s look at some of the ways that we can address leaves on your property.

Mow and Mulch

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on fall leaf clean up, then we can mow and mulch the leaves. This means the leaves get chopped up and left in small pieces which will promote a more rapid decay of the leaves as organic matter which will add to the soil’s nutrients.Grassperson crew mowing and mulching leaves

Creating Leaf Piles

The next step up from mowing and mulching (and leaving the leaves to decompose on the lawn) is that while on your property for other maintenance services, we can blow the leaves into piles that are much easier for you to clean up on your own. Instead of having to be out there raking for hours, our crews can make some neat and tidy leaf piles which will be easier for you to deal with.
Crew piling leaves up for the customer
We could also go a step further and bag them for you and leave those bags for your trash collection (or however you want to dispose of them).

Blow, Bag and Haul Away

Our highest level of fall leaf clean up services would be to blow leaves into piles, bag them up, and haul them away for you. We have a large number of Total Maintenance clients who don’t want to see or deal with leaves at all.
Crew blowing leaves into piles and cleaning up
For these clients, we can handle not only leaf clean up but also removal and take all of the hassles associated with this service out of your hands.

Tackling Leaf Build Up in Gutters

In addition to cleaning leaves off of the ground, we find that many homeowners also want leaves removed from their gutters. Unfortunately, if you have a property with a lot of trees, then many of the fallen leaves may not only be winding up on your lawn but also in your gutters. But clearing them out is important as leaf build up in gutters can cause water woes when water has no place to go but over the edge. This can lead to serious siding damage or foundational water problems.

Fortunately, Grassperson can also handle leaf removal from gutters.

The truth is, getting up on a ladder or on your roof can be dangerous. That’s why this is a service best left to the pros. At Grassperson, we complete a lot of safety training since our crews are also climbing ladders to perform holiday lighting services. Our crews are well-trained and experienced in climbing ladders in a safe way.

If you’re worried about leaf build up in your gutters, this is a service we can tackle for you, too.

Letting the Pros Handle Fall Maintenance for You

While fall leaf clean up is undoubtedly an important fall maintenance service, at the end of the day, it’s one of many. In reality, there are a number of essential fall clean up tasks that should be completed if you want to keep your property looking its best.

We find that many homeowners really want to have a great-looking property but they don’t have the time (or maybe energy) to invest in all of the work involved in achieving the best results. Frankly, it’s a lot of work and chances are, you’re pretty busy. You have a lot of other ways that you could be spending your free time.

That’s why you can leave not only your leaf clean up, but all of your fall maintenance services to the pros, and spend your time in a better way.

If you truly want the best-looking property on the block, then you can make a number of fall clean up services part of your Total Maintenance Package. Then you’ll never have to worry about having a messy fall property again. Even better, we’ll be able to tackle year-round maintenance services that will keep your property looking its best no matter what the season.

Ready to get a fantastic-looking property at your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX home? Get a free quote and then enjoy the best landscape with no worries!

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