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3 Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Trees in North Texas

Jack Moore
Oct 17, 2022 8:59:11 AM

Landscape lighting has the ability to transform your North Texas property in the evening hours. The right lighting will not only make your property more functional and safe in the evening hours, but it will also make it more beautiful.

By lighting up certain elements around your home, you can add aesthetic appeal and unique nighttime interest.

As far as what to light, trees and shrubs make the perfect subject for landscape lighting. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of your trees after the sun goes down, but these landscape elements can actually become focal points of your lighting design.

When lit using various landscape lighting techniques, trees and shrubs can take on dramatic and beautiful “looks.”

In this article, we’ll talk about landscape lighting ideas for trees that can really take your North Texas property to a whole new level of “WOW.”

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Trees

Since every property is unique, you’ll want to work with a landscape lighting professional that will create a custom design for your home. But these ideas will at least get you started.

landscape lighting on trees and in landscape beds

#1: Use Landscape Uplighting for Trees

One of the lighting techniques that works really well on trees is uplighting. As the name implies, uplighting is a technique where the light is projected upward.

We have found that uplighting a tree can create a very dramatic look in the tree’s canopy. Trees with a dense canopy have gorgeous shapes and textures which can be made even more appealing with uplighting.

home with landscape lighting on trees

Of course, choosing which trees on your property are best suited to uplighting takes an artistic eye. A lighting professional should be thinking about the tree’s shape and structure as they determine not only which trees will work best but also where to install the lights.

#2: Use Landscape Downlighting for Trees

Downlighting is another technique that can be used within a lighting design. With downlighting, the light is cast downward to create almost a “moonlight” effect. We love using downlighting in trees to light up an area below.

home with landscape lighting on trees and home

For instance, downlighting can be used to light up your patio or your walkway…or maybe even your driveway.

It’s a much more subtle form of light than putting a spotlight on these areas. With the light shining from above, you’ll be able to see where you’re going and your property will take on a beautiful look.

#3: Use Light to Showcase a Specimen Tree

Another way that we love to use landscape lighting for trees is to showcase a really gorgeous tree that you have on your property. If you have a tree that is typically a focal point of your property, you can light it up so that it can be enjoyed in the evening hours, too.

home with landscape lighting on oak tree

In fact, at night, the tree may take on a whole new look. With the way that light is installed, trees can create shadows and become appealing in a whole new way.

It’s almost like art. When landscape lighting for trees is completed in a thoughtful way, your property really becomes like a piece of art.

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Working with a Professional to Get the Most out of Landscape Lighting for Trees

Landscape lighting in general tends to be a bit more complicated than people often realize. Most homeowners assume you put a few spotlights up and it takes care of the task.

But in reality, as we’ve said, great landscape lighting is really quite artistic in nature.

You want to make sure that you’re having a landscape lighting scheme designed that will bring beauty and curb appeal to your home.

landscape lighting on trees along driveway

When lighting isn’t done well, it can actually detract from your home’s appeal. You’ve likely seen a property that has way too many spotlights or just a poorly done lighting scheme. It would almost have been better if they left it in the dark!

The truth is, there’s a lot involved with landscape lighting.

Even something like landscape lighting for trees can involve a lot of decisions to ensure you’re getting the best results. Choosing the best trees, the right lighting techniques, and the best fixtures will all impact the end result. You want someone who treats landscape lighting like both the art and the science that it really is.

Working with a lighting professional will help ensure that the finished product is everything you wanted it to be.

Choosing a Landscape Lighting Professional in North Texas

At Grassperson, we often get asked about landscape lighting because it is such an integral aspect of having the “best property on the block.” People want their homes to look beautiful in both the daytime and the evening hours.

That is why we’ve invested in a sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Flower Mound, that specializes in this work. We want our clients to be able to get the best possible landscape lighting for their homes.

At the end of the day, landscape lighting for trees is just one aspect of a complete landscape lighting design. You’ll want to work with a pro who can do it all because, with the right lighting, your home really will be the best on the block…day or night!

If you’d like to find out more about landscape lighting installers in Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX, you can visit the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives website or contact us at Grassperson.

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