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How We Create Year-Round, Full-Time Jobs in a Seasonal Industry

Jack Moore
Mar 11, 2019 3:18:45 PM

The unpredictability of a seasonal job can be stressful for workers, and their families. Sure, you’re busy working for six to eight months out of the year—but what about those many weeks that add up to lots of missed paychecks? There are plenty of seasonal landscape maintenance jobs in Collin and Denton counties, TX, but can your lifestyle handle a lack of stability?

Seasonal by Nature

The landscape industry is a seasonal business because there’s a growing season when more maintenance is required to care for clients’ properties. While our yards need some care year-round in north Texas, spring through fall is high season. Landscape companies require more laborers to service customers during this time, and many do not want to pay their people during the off-season. It’s a business decision.

grassperson lawn care crew mowing lawn and trimming shrubs

So, the way many landscape companies operate is, they hire lots of extra field labor for spring through fall, and then lay off those workers in winter, hoping they’ll return when spring rolls around again. Some do take a few months off and find other work, such as doing construction. But finding employment for 8 weeks is challenging.

There is no guarantee with seasonal employment. You’re hired for the busy season to perform a job, then laid off. Whether that job will be waiting for you in spring is the question.

The Benefits of Full-Time Landscaping

There are many benefits to full-time landscaping jobs, and we’re literally talking about benefits because seasonal employment tends to not offer health insurance. In a seasonal job, you might not get paid time off or paid vacations. A full-time job at Grassperson includes insurance and benefits.

When a landscape company hires full-time employees, the business is making an investment in its people. For example, at Grassperson we take great care to recruit talent that aligns with our culture and will live out our mission to be responsive, quality-focused and professional. We also invest in our people by providing training so they can grow careers here—it’s more than a landscaping job, it’s a pathway to a better future.

grassperson crew maintaining a lawn in northern Texas

We know our people value stability and a full-time job helps them grow their careers, support their families and, ultimately, contribute more to the community. And, we believe that by offering full-time employment, we recruit the best people to serve our customers.

In a way, you can think of it like this: Fly-by-night landscaping companies are okay with hiring fly-by-night employees who don’t want the full-time job commitment. We’re looking for more, and we’re guessing you are, too.

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The Best Lawns Get Year-Round Service

While landscaping is a seasonal job, north Texas landscapes require year-round care to look their best. Because we promise our customers they can get the best lawn on the block with Grassperson, we’re committed to staying true to that word. That means providing services like pruning, trimming, mulching, lawn care and clean-ups during the off-season.

grassperson crew lawn cleanup

The bottom line: Landscaping truly is a full-time, year-round job in north Texas, so we maintain a team 12 months out of the year that can deliver our services.

More than Just a Landscaping Job

A full-time landscaping career is highly rewarding and full of new challenges. If you’re seeking a full-time landscaping job, find out the average tenure of employees. Is there a high turnover at the company? (This is a red flag that your full-time job might be more “seasonal” than you expect.)

Also ask about how an entry-level landscaping employee can move up in the ranks. What is the career path? Are there other employees at the company who have progressed in their careers and can share insight about the experience?

Find out about training. What opportunities for continuing education does the landscape company provide, and will you be matched with a mentor who can help you attain your goals?

These are all benefits that full-time employment in the landscape industry can offer.

A Full-Time Commitment to Success

Stable, full-time employment is important for working individuals and those who depend on them. Looking for a seasonal job is stressful, and the cycle of employment and layoff can wear down morale and create lots of frustration. No one wants to feel like their job is only good for six months. A professional landscaping company like Grassperson can offer dependable compensation, benefits, bonuses and career opportunities you can count on.

Grow a Career with Us

Learn more about what it’s like to have a full-time landscaping career at Grassperson. Find out what possibilities are open today and how to join our team.

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